Biden Responds to Putin’s Challenge and Fails

Biden Responds to Putin's Challenge and Fails

The Next News Network – Brooke Singman from FOX News reports, The White House seemingly turned down an invitation for a “live” public conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Joe Biden is “quite busy” this weekend.

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Not my President…..This whole Administration is a JOKE.

When Putin has more class and integrity than Beijing Biden…what a time to be alive.

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China Joe has No Class and if he did U would only find it in his little Toe. He’s as DUMB as a BOX OF ROCK’S. U can’t say he is Smart because U can see it in his B… Ugly Face. He’s Dead Eyes & Dead Brain. And this Clown showed his last Card by TRIPPING UP STAIRS.


Sleepy Joe better be glad Putin did not challenge him to a fist fight behind the gym the way sleepy Joe said he would beat Trump. I believe Sleepy Joe would take a permanent Dirt Nap if Putin got his hands on him.

Terri Hughes

OOPS, Jen is circling back again. She will NOT give a straight answer and we all know why. Joe, you better stop poking the bear. You know what happens when you don’t. I hope Putin knows that this is Biden and the democrats that are going after him and NOT all the people in America. We need Trump back, before things get even worse!!!!

Elaine Rogers

This is a very dangerous man meaning Joe Biden.
He needs to be impeached or resign. He is a clear & present danger to our country. Unlimited entry to USA of illegal aliens,
Provoking Russia, paid friend of China. Loves Iran.
Where are all the Republicans? Anyone responsible left in our government?