Biden Preps 6 Executive Orders for Your Guns!

Breaking: Every Gun Reform Bill Just Got Derailed…

The Next News Network – Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, The Biden White House has released a preview of Joe Biden’s executive actions on gun control, which he signed today. The administration is also arguing additional gun control is needed to fight a “public health” crisis and pushing hard for “red flag laws,” which often violate civil liberties.

Top Comments:

He’s out of his mind if he thinks we the people are giving up our guns. Oh wait he is out of his mind!!!

Hunter as a felon bought a gun and ditched it in a dumpster near a school… crack is whack

First they take away your guns and then they force you to take a vaccine every 3-6 month. DONT LET THEM!

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Roberta: Poor Joe, he did not prepare anything, he signs whatever the swamp rulers put in front of him and ‘recites’ whatever is on the prompter.
Elder abuse.

Elaine Rogers

What about a national voter I.D. Card that verifies the person is a citizen, is alive, and lives in the jurisdiction where they are allowed to vote.

Tim Thompson

You can ignore any EO Biden puts in front of the American people. The constitution and bill of rights cannot be ignored and because Biden thinks his Executive Orders give him authority to disregard the protections of the founders amendments which give unalienable rights to every American Citizen no majority has a right to deprive us of. These maybe the opening of a showdown with hopefully the Supreme Court to rightfully protect our constitutional protections. If they ignore this volatile attempt by the executive to take complete control of the other two branches of government they indeed we as a nation is in trouble.