Biden Continues to Demonstrate His ‘Non-Public’ Dementia Diagnosis…

Biden Continues to Demonstrate His 'Non-Public' Dementia Diagnosis...
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Cory Bernardi says US President Joe Biden “continues to demonstrate his non-public dementia diagnosis almost every day”. “The state of US politics is no laughing matter but unless you are prepared to laugh at it, you’d probably start to cry,” he said. “The game is so stacked with buffoons, questionable ethics, shameless grifters, and the walking dead that it is like a really bad soap opera. “House Speaker, the cadaverous Nancy Pelosi has a husband with an uncanny knack of nailing big stock market winners. “Just another day in American politics apparently … nothing to see here.”

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congress are the only ones that can get away with insider trading, everyone else gets arrested.

Pelosi’s husband needs to be investigated into insider trading.

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