Baltimore Student Has ZERO GPA, Ranks Middle Of Class!

Baltimore Student Has ZERO GPA, Ranks Middle Of Class!
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Anthony Brian Logan – A West Baltimore high school senior has a 0.13 GPA while ranking 62 out of 120 students in his graduating class. The unnamed male student has only earned 2.5 credits in the entirety of his high school career and he’s been absent or tardy 359 days

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This mother shouldn’t even be talking. She thought he was a junior?? She thought?? She obviously isn’t paying attention. It starts in the home. She should be ashamed because she is part of his problem by not being a parent.

“He probably feel like a failure.” Uh … because he IS a failure because his momma didn’t light a fire under his ass when his behavior started.

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Roland Ferguson

It’s West Bemo. What did you expect.\?


TRADE SCHOOLS. He should probably been put there 3-4 years ago. He could learn to use his hands and maybe eventually he would have realized he needed to learn to read and write.

John A Skiba

These children have a bright future as Democratic voters. Look for legislation to make their voting a salaried position. Also look for legislation to make “voter assistant” (registration, ballot completion, etc.) a DNP-paid position.


He hasn’t tried for the last four years, so why start now? Where was the Mom when he was absent or late half the time?