AOC Does the Border Again: This Time with No Tears?

AOC Does the Border Again: This Time with No Tears?
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Dinesh D’Souza – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does the border once again. No staged tears this time, but she does manage her usual supply of whoppers and absurdities

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These kids must be scared out of their minds. This administration is complicit to child abuse.

For decades now, the Democrat Party has been doing everything possible to destroy America, from the inside out.

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charles wilkins

Oversight [Committee] Republicans won’t forget about Biden’s legally dubious tax avoidance schemes.” As a private citizen, in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019, Biden routed $13 million in income through two S-corporations, Celtic Capri Corporation and the Gia coppa Corporation to avoid paying taxes that help fund Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Biden has advocated eliminating loopholes such as these. Biden was asked, “Do you intend to undo your hypocrisy and pay these taxes back to the American people?” “Press reports indicate that you both directed revenue from book royalties and speaking appearance fees into these two corporations avoiding self-employment payroll tax liabilities that would have flowed to America’s Medicare program that provides care to over 60 million seniors.” The Biden tax savings demonstrate “Democrat hypocrisy is limitless,” Banks said. “The ACA imposed higher taxes on millions of Americans, but not Joe Biden.”