ANTIFA: Out of Control or ‘Very Tightly Controlled’?

ANTIFA: Out of Control or 'Very Tightly Controlled'?
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Newsmax TV – ‘ANTIFA: Out of control, or very tightly controlled?’ Journalist Andy Ngo speaks out after this latest episode of violence. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax

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These democrats could care less about this country folks – this is not occurring at all here in Florida. We need Trump right about now.

they arrested nearly ALL the Americans that protested at the capital, calling them domestic terrorist. Yet, ANTIFA gets a pass? i think it’s pretty clear what is going on.

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Is Antifa out of control or very tightly controlled? YES… to BOTH. Antifa creates chaos because they’ve been recruited to do so. They are not stopped, arrested, jailed or charged and punished for their crimes. So, YES they are out of control. They are only controlled in the fact that they are to attack all but the liberals. The leftists encourage them and have actually PAID them to do the damage they’re doing. Soros is one of their largest employers. They’ve had contracts to do all sorts of things. They’ve even got video of them getting all excited cause they had succeeded in getting innocent conservatives into the Capital Building. They along with help from Capital Police who removed barriers and invited people inside and HELD the doors open for them. Oh, But those innocent people were the terrorists! Yeah, Riiiiiigghht! We are NOT as stupid as you’d like us to be!