Another Mainstream Media Lie: Look, There Are No Whips…

Another Mainstream Media Lie Look, There Are No Whips...
Image From Video Below...

Newsmax TV
– Fmr. Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan comments on the outrage of border patrols confronting Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas.

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Kamala should apologize for vilifying border agents for speaking without and before having any facts.

They make the wrong assumptions and they send ZERO HELP…..come on DC..

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Briben biden

Well if there were whips they are the democrats whips!

the democrats are in power. It seems like the media is doing this weird word game where the problems are some how sort of republican things even though the house, senate and president are all democrat controlled.

For all you liberals / democrats progressives that are not up to speed: the disaster that has become american is all your doing. your president your house. your senate. your fault.

There is not other boogie man just the democrats.

are we clear on that?