American’s Reveal Their True Thoughts on Biden’s Border Crisis

American's Reveal Their True Thoughts on Biden's Border Crisis
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The Next News Network – Eli Yokley from Morning Consultant reports, The surge of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border has produced something so far unseen in the early days of Joe Biden’s presidency: a negative job approval rating.

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I have never witnessed such incompetence in all of my life. Our country is at stake. Impeach this administration.

Biden needs to be impeach, before we don’t have a country left.

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Biden needs to be tried for treason for allowing illegals, terrorists, drug runners, human traffickers, murderous gangs, and covid infected hordes to invade and overrun our country. This is a literal invasion that Biden created for his benefit, and it is hurting our country and citizens, not to mention treating them better than citizens. Biden and his crime family and corrupt associates want to turn America communist and they should be removed from office at the least.