Alec Baldwin & Kevin Spacey Fight Over Pride Month

Alec Baldwin & Kevin Spacey Fight Over Pride Month
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The Jimmy Dore Show – It’s #Pride month, and according to actor Alec Baldwin there’s no better spokesman for the gay community to call in to The Jimmy Dore Show to talk about #Pride than… Alec Baldwin. Not everyone agrees, however, which is why Baldwin’s disgraced fellow actor Kevin Spacey also calls in to claim the mantle of #Pride spokesman. An argument between the two ensues, requiring Jimmy to play peacemaker.

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Even though Kevin Spacey’s argument was more penetrating, Alec Baldwin killed it.

Don’t worry, Alec, society doesn’t want to hear from us straight black men either. Apparently we’re white.

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William Simpson

Put all the STEERS,QUEERS AND ALPHABET people on pedophile Island and NUKE IT..FREAKS