A Tumor? Everyone Noticed a Huge Lump on Joe Biden’s Head

A Tumor? Everyone Noticed a Huge Lump on Joe Biden's Head
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Joe Biden delivered yet another bizarre speech to the American people, filled with gaffes and odd statements on Wednesday. It was so bad that people are now wondering what is wrong with Biden’s head. Literally.

Top Comments:

Nancy probably hit him upside the head for not obeying her..

There is one phrase Joe Biden can’t forget, it’s “Come on man!”

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That is not a lump on his head. He has a head on a legitimate lump. Think of his head as an ugly cancerous growth that should be excised.


Anyone dealing with the welfare of the aged knows the are subject to falls. baring a tumor, he probably fell and bumped his head. If you watched him falling up the stairs of Air force One you could tell his balance was off. His brain is failing and the health of the Republic along with it. Are there any sane leaders out there that can stop this madness?