A Christmas Gift for Everyone: NASA Launches the James Webb Telescope…

A Christmas Gift for Everyone: NASA Launches the James Webb Telescope...
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Sky News Australia – NASA has announced a December 18 launch date for the Hubble Space Telescope’s replacement to enter into orbit. ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker said the Yuletide launch date of the James Webb Telescope will be a “Christmas gift to everyone”. “The window may change because of weather and other things like that but as of now it’s scheduled for a December 18 launch,” he told Sky News Australia. Dr Tucker said it may take “a number of days to weeks” before it is in its proper position in orbit, which is “much higher” than the Hubble’s orbit, before it is then checked for operations capabilities. “We don’t expect it so see operational data or work coming from it until about at least a month after, if not more, into January but, you know, exciting to see now there is a real date for this thing to get into space,” he said. The telescope, for which NASA has spent the last 18 months completing final checks and fixes, will replace the current Hubble Telescope which has been in use since 1990.

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Please, please, please keep Biden away from anything that has to do with this telescope. Everything he touches turns to garbage-just look at his son Hunter.

The less government involvement the better.

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