What This Millionaire Did in a Coffee Shop Is Groundbreaking

Dear Reader,

Recently, a man took to the streets and a coffee shop in Denver to conduct an unusual experiment…

He also recorded a controversial video of it.

I’ve saved you a link here.

Now please keep in mind…

He’s NOT a street magician, a politician, a televangelist, or some crackpot.

Instead, he’s a multimillionaire and an angel investor, with thousands of followers…

He was in Denver to unveil a breaking 5G story for 2021 that you won’t hear anywhere else.

It could trigger the long–awaited $12 trillion 5G economy all by itself.

What’s exciting is… at the center of this story sits a tiny company trading at around $10 a share — with a bleeding–edge 5G technology.

I think you will be interested in this opportunity before the wider public catches on.

Again, I got you the best link to this opportunity filmed on Denver’s streets. Do watch it right now.


Rachel Bodden,
Managing Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

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