Biden Believes Trump ‘Accidentally’ Made The Peace Deals

President Trump brokered a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, but Joe Biden believes it was accidental.

On Thursday, the former Vice President told a fundraiser by J Street organization that President Trump “accidentally” mediates between Israel and Bahrain, an Arab nation.

The president’s successful role in facilitating truce between the conflicting parties paves normal relations between Israel and the UAE. The UAE sets off as the third Arab country, following Jordan and Egypt, to have full diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

Breitbart News reported on Friday – Joe Biden argues that Trump endangered Israel even with the peace agreements due to its withdrawal in the Iran nuclear deal. Biden said the Iranians are enriching Uranium.

However, a vast archive of nuclear plans was exposed in 2018 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The plans validate that Iran never aimed to defer its nuclear program and has been deceiving the international nuclear agency on its purpose.

The leftists fought hard on Friday to weaken the news of the administration’s latest feat. Democrats swallowed lumps that President Trump has yet again proved to be worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, after successfully settling peace between Bahrain and the Jewish state.

Breitbart News reported other matters to take place:

Firstly, Israel is starting to have a “full normalization” with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The two countries will formalize their peace agreement at the White House by the end of the month.

Secondly, Kosovo likewise has begun establishing its peaceful relations with the Jewish state. The former plans to put up an embassy in the latter’s capital, Jerusalem, under the agreed terms brokered last week by the current US administration.

Then, Chad, a nation with mostly Muslims, also broadcasted their plan of putting up an embassy in Jerusalem.

In addition, Israeli commercial flights to all eastbound destinations will be allowed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia above its airspace.

Palestine attempted to persuade the Arab nations to condemn the UAE’s peace deal but the latter declined the request.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, commented that the news was a “distraction” by the Trump administration – a tactic that would downplay and disregard the pandemic’s continued impact.

The left would be left of their unending criticisms. President Trump has brokered the peace agreements whether “accidentally” or not.